During the Great Patriotic War, in the Rossi Pavilion, restoration workshops of the Summer Garden were located. In August 1941, a change house for employees of the Summer and Mikhailovsky Gardens was organized in the pavilion.

From the memoirs of Pyotr Kondratievich Lobanov: “Once I and other garden workers dined in the Rossi pavilion in the Mikhailovsky Garden, suddenly almost simultaneously from three sides of the pavilion at a distance of 10-20 meters three bombs fell and exploded: one on the track, the other on a tree, the third fell The pavilion swayed from side to side, and we all fell to the floor. About fifteen minutes later, we began to regain consciousness, looked around and did not find the grandmother Maria Kudryashova. Then we heard the laugh of a young worker Nina, who pointed to us sticking out under the table Grandma Mary. It turned out that she fell to the floor, her head hidden under the table. Here, of course, we all laughed. “

In the fall of 1941, Mikhailovsky Garden was occupied by a military unit. An ammunition depot is located in one of the premises of the Rossi pavilion. And in another room there was a change house for garden workers.

From a memo written by the gardener of the Summer Garden P.K. Lobanova Head of the Department of Arts B.I. To Zagursky. in 1944: “With life threatening, I even lived in the Rossi pavilion in the Mikhailovsky Garden with an ammunition depot next to it in the same room. I went home to Olgino once a week to show my family that I was still alive.”

Throughout the war period, the Rossi pavilion was a place where employees of the Summer and Mikhailovsky Gardens had a rest and lived.

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