The Indian summer is over, autumn comes into its own. In the gardens of the Russian Museum, trees are trying on colorful autumn outfits. More and more fallen leaves, acorns and chestnuts appear on the paths. The gardens are filled with transparency and airiness. The beds of the Red Garden have been emptied, but thanks to the miracle of photography, we suggest you remember the summer.

In the photo, peppermint. Mentha × piperita L. is a hybrid obtained by crossing water mint (Mentha aquatica L.) and spearmint (Mentha spicata L.). Peppermint comes to Russia at the end of the 17th century from the German principalities, therefore in Russian gardening it is often called “German mint”. In the time of Catherine II, peppermint was called “English mint”.

This plant is used not only as a spicy-aromatic and medicinal plant, but also as a decorative plant for decorating flower beds.

Enjoy your walks in the autumn gardens of the Russian Museum.

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