Two days are left until the momentous moment when the Summer Garden opens for visitors. It remains to be patient a little bit, but for now we will answer a historical riddle. The question concerned a photograph of the Summer Garden of the 1860s and sounded like this:


In 1826, Emperor Nicholas I allowed horseback riding along the alleys of the Summer Garden. This could be done both on horseback and in a stroller.

Here is an extract from the Journal of the Gofintendant’s Office on the 1st expedition of October 4, 1843: “On the delivery of the Chief Command of the Hoffmarshal Baron Albedil dated April 9, 1826, the original plan of the Summer Garden was written by His Imperial Majesty’s own hand : from a, c, d, l to b open for riding, locking the pedestrian alleys with cast-iron railing. ” The original text can be found in the photographs. Document provided by RGIA.

In 1826, the architect Ludwig Charlemagne was commissioned to equip the riding path in the Summer Garden. An extract from the estimate of the Charlemagne Architect on a device for riding in the Summer Garden. “For making work near trees, 1020 fathoms, the amount of 408 rubles; For making temporary crosses, 50 pieces, the amount of 100 rubles; For making stands on the Alleys – 250 pieces, the amount of 87 rubles. The original text can be found in the photographs. Document provided by RGIA.

Only the outer alleys of the Summer Garden, which formed a circle, were intended for horse riding. The road began for horse riding from the alley, passing along the fence of Charlemagne (now does not exist). Then she walked along the alley along the Swan groove and went to the Neva alley, then to the economic alley. And the circle closed at the gate to the garden from the embankment of the Moika River.

And so that very zealous horseback riding enthusiasts did not try to drive around the entire Summer Garden, curbstones and other barriers were installed. Riding around the Summer Garden until 1914, then it became not time for entertainment.

Correctly answered the question: Olga Serebryakova, Tatyana Ponomareva, Svetlana Krasnova, Natalya Zhukova, Tatyana Kuznetsova, Nadezhda Kalinina. Thank you for your active participation in the life of the group. I especially liked the answer of Svetlana Krasnova: “Carriage scarers …”.

To new questions on the pages of the group. And see you in the alleys of the Summer Garden.

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