Copy from the original by D. Bonazza. Italy. 1717

A series of sculptures “Circle of the Day” was made by the talented sculptor Giovanni Bonazza.

Night and dawn, noon and sunset. They, replacing each other, mark the eternal cycle of the day on earth. This is what the best sculptural group of the Summer Garden tells about.

A young woman in a starry veil – “Night”. Her head is decorated with a wreath of poppy flowers (poppy is a symbol of sleep). There is a bat on the woman’s elegant belt, an owl sits at her feet – the constant companion of darkness, a symbol of the night. Sometimes an owl (already in Christianity) is a symbol of death. The woman’s eyes are closed, and her face is sad and thoughtful. According to ancient mythology, Night is the daughter of Chaos, which preceded the whole world. From the union of the Night with Ereb (Ereb – primeval darkness), Day and Ether were born, meeting with which the Night is afraid. Therefore, the woman is immersed in grief, the corners of her lips are bitterly lowered, her head is bowed low.