We continue to talk about plants growing on the beds of the Red Garden bosquet.
The hero of our conversation is the chisel, he is the bow of speed, sibulet bow, scalloped bow, tribulka. Karl Linney called it Allium schoenoprasum L. Why are such popular names? Onion is a cutter, because young leaves are consumed, and they are cut. After the leaves of the onion are cut, they grow back. Onion of speed, from the word “speed” – wild garlic, for the similarity of the onions of this onion with cloves of garlic. Therefore, chives are also called scallions.

In Russia, chives have been used for a long time, because they grow in nature. As a garden crop, it began to be cultivated in the 17th century, and originally it was a vegetable of the poor. In Peter’s times, when various salads became fashionable from Europe, chives turned into regulars in the kitchens of nobles and nobles. Foreign chefs entered the menu of noble people chives, in Europe this onion has been grown in vegetable gardens since the 16th century. Chives are commonly used for salads. It can also be salted and pickled.

In early June, chives bloom with beautiful lilac spherical inflorescences, so it is used in decorative gardening. After flowering, peduncles and leaves are cut. After the growth of new foliage, chives create a beautiful green border.

Now in the Red Garden, chives are cut, but by the opening of July 15, it will grow back.

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