Despite all the difficulties in the world, spring is approaching more rapidly. In the gardens of the Russian Museum, mass flowering of primroses has already begun. Bushes and trees begin to dissolve leaves.

The time when nature wakes up, our ancestors loved very much. The appearance of leaves, green grass indicated that we managed to survive the winter. It is possible to feed on sprouts of wild garlic, asparagus, and canthus that crawl out of the ground. Active agricultural work began, with the successful completion of which it was possible to count on a rich harvest.

Now most of the population of our country is not engaged in agriculture. Therefore, blooming young leaves only raise our spirits.

The staff of the gardens of the Russian Museum is now hot, you need to have time to spend the whole cycle of spring work and prepare the gardens for the summer season. Work is complicated by quarantine vacations, but garden workers are not discouraged. There is such a profession – to preserve the oldest gardens of St. Petersburg for future generations.

Be healthy. Nature woke up from a winter stupor, and everything will be fine in the world too.

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