Opening another curtain of our gardens.

The Mikhailovsky Garden is a huge organism in the very heart of the city, covering about 10 hectares, of which about 1000 meters are occupied by flower beds, which every year delight our visitors in the warm season.

We cannot grow such a volume of annual flower material on the household plots of gardens due to the lack of equipment and lighting. Therefore, every year special plant nurseries help us out and, with joy, supply spring and summer assortment to our gardens. For us, this is not only a time of work, since everything must be planted according to the schemes developed during the winter, but also a time of beauty, because, as we have already said, our flower gardens delight not only garden workers.

While no one sees, we are sharing with you photos of a freshly brought viola, part of which is already flaunting on the flower beds of Mikhailovsky Garden and Engineering Square.