An article from the newspaper Pravda dated July 11, 1943, in which the correspondent D. Rudnev describes the situation in besieged Leningrad. In the note there is a paragraph about the Summer Garden and the gardener Pyotr Kondratievich Lobanov.

From the memoirs of P.K. Lobanova: “The next day, a young man in military uniform came to the garden, introduced himself to me as the correspondent of the central Pravda Rudnev, and said that he had been at the meeting of the Executive Committee of the Leningrad City Council the day before, where he had heard reports. Zagursky about visiting the Summer Garden. That’s why he came to find out how things are going in your garden. I told him what work is being done in the garden, showed some damage, told me that I live in Olgino, and how difficult it is for me to ride, and sometimes to walk.

A few days later I read in Moscow Pravda dated July 11, 1943 Rudnev’s article “Summer in Leningrad”.

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