January 27, 1944 – Day of military glory of Russia.

On this day, Soviet troops completely liberated the city of Leningrad from its blockade by Nazi troops. In honor of the victory in Leningrad, a salute was fired with twenty-four artillery salvos from 324 guns.

Photo #1.
Monument to Alexander III in the Mikhailovsky Garden. The outbreak of the Great Patriotic War prevented the erection of a monument where it was planned. It was difficult to hide such a large sculpture in the ground. The administration of the Russian Museum decides to make a shelter on top of the monument lying on its side. It is covered with sand, rolled up from logs from above, and then covered with earth and sown with seeds of lawn grass. The result is a man-made hill.

Photo #2.
Monument to Ivan Andreevich Krylov in the Summer Garden. The administration decides to cover the monument with a wooden structure. It consisted of logs on which boards were nailed. Part of the monument was lined with sandbags. This structure was supposed to protect the sculpture from the blast wave and fragments.