The other day, on the territory of the Mikhailovsky Garden, the specialists of the Russian Museum rescued an ordinary scavenger (Pernus arivorus) from a raven attack and was taken to the veterinary clinic “Green Parrot” located on Vasilyevsky Island. The insect is indeed included in the Red Book of St. Petersburg, as well as Moscow and Moscow region.

All citizens who have found a wounded rare bird for the city are advised to contact the mobile environmental duty service of the Committee for Nature Management, Environmental Protection and Environmental Safety by calling 417-59-36 (around the clock).

It should be noted that this is not the first case on the territory of the Mikhailovsky Garden and the Field of Mars ( ..). Beetle is a migratory bird that flies to us in May. Just at this time we can watch them during the mating season. But in an urban environment, the beetles sometimes get injured and become victims of crows. Currently, the number of ravens in the Mikhailovsky Garden and its surroundings has decreased due to the lack of targeted feeding of garden visitors. But, nevertheless, their number remains higher than in the Summer Garden. We ask guests of the gardens of the Russian Museum and other historical gardens not to additionally attract the raven. We assure you that our local ravens are respected and appreciated by us for their contribution to the rehabilitation of the city center, and do not need additional feeding.

If you return to the beehive, then it is often confused with a buzzard (Buteo buteo), but it can be distinguished by the bright yellow color of the eyes and the dark beak. There are several not so noticeable differences that you can learn from the work of ornithologists. Beetle is important for our gardens, since the resettlement of wasps also occurs in the gardens of the Russian Museum, and after all, none of the employees and visitors will be glad of their bites. The honey bee food is 90% made up of honeycombs of wasps with larvae, but also in our northern conditions they can prey on small vertebrate animals – frogs, mouse-like rodents.

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