Every Tuesday we close the Summer Garden to carry out a number of necessary landscaping and maintenance work. Among other things, washing fountains. Yes, it sounds a little strange – why wash the fountains, because they are always in the water. This question is relevant, but the conclusion is a bit hasty. Turning off water, washing fountains and checking pumping equipment should be done regularly.

The fountains of the Summer Garden are fed by tap water. From various inclusions in the water, a plaque remains on the marble and, if weekly cleaning is not carried out, then from the screening that has fallen into the fountain and the leaves that have fallen from the trees, the water will bloom and lose its crystal transparency.

We are glad to see everyone in the Summer Garden and try to make the stay of visitors here full of wonderful impressions and leave the most pleasant memories, so we carry out the necessary work behind closed doors on Tuesdays.

Yes, it can upset someone, but it is necessary. On other days of the week, the garden is open from 10 am to 10 pm. See you in the garden!