Last weekend, the next annual winter surveys of waterfowl and semi-aquatic birds of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region, organized by the St. Petersburg Ornithological Society, took place.

Specialists from the gardens of the Russian Museum have been taking part in them since 2016 and observe the number of birds on the water equator adjacent to the gardens of the Russian Museum. This year birds were recorded only on two thawed patches – can. Griboyedov next to the Savior on Spilled Blood and at the Laundry Bridge across the river. Fontanka. Ornithological observations on the territory of the gardens have been carried out since 2013 and in summer we can observe 5 species of waterfowl annually (mallard, crested duke, three species of gulls – herring, dove and lake), and in winter we met with a gray duck (2016. and 2020), wow (2016) and scurry (2017).

It should be noted that in winter the birds need our support in the form of feeding, but at the end of summer it is better to refrain from this so that the birds can prepare for flying to warm countries.

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