On September 5, in the Leningrad Region, an action of the All-Russian Oak Forest of Emperor Peter the Great program was held, which was launched in 2019 by the Russian Museum. Oak saplings of Peter the Great were planted in the Korabelov park in the town of Lodeynoye Pole. The city administration, employees of the local history museum and the local forestry took part in planting oak seedlings. Three oak seedlings were planted under numbers: 156, 157, 158 (according to the register of gardens of the Russian Museum), which were grown from acorns from an oak-monument of wildlife. This oak has been growing on the territory of the Summer Garden of St. Petersburg for over 350 years.

Planting oaks was timed to coincide with the opening of the reconstructed house of Peter I in Lodeynoye Pole. In 1702, the Olonets shipyard was founded here. In order to follow the work at the shipyard, Peter often visited this area. Therefore, on the banks of the Svir River, a house was built for the king. At this shipyard, the first-born of the Baltic Fleet, the frigate “Standart”, was built, which Peter personally brought to St. Petersburg.

And now, from the banks of the Neva to the banks of the Svir, oak saplings from the beloved garden of Peter I have arrived. The saplings have been planted so that they can be admired from passing ships.

If you want to participate in the program “All-Russian oak grove of Emperor Peter the Great”, send applications to the site “GARDENS OF THE RUSSIAN MUSEUM” https://igardens.ru/.

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