In the book Landscape Architecture: Specialized Objects (authors: O.B.Sokolskaya, V.S. Teodorovsky, A.P. Vergunov) this term is revealed as follows. “Bouquet planting is a technique of forming a park landscape by planting several seedlings in one nest. Bouquet planting can also be formed by planting a young tree on a stump to create conditions for the development of lateral shoots.”

Bouquet planting is a characteristic technique of the 19th century when creating landscape gardens. In the Mikhailovsky Garden, the best preserved bouquet planting of lindens on Masleniy Meadow. It was made in the 1850s, at a time when the Grand Duchess Elena Pavlovna, who was very fond of gardening, was engaged in gardening. During the restoration of the Mikhailovsky Garden in 2003, a young bouquet planting was planted nearby, as an example of replacing the planting of aging trees.

Enjoy your walks in the gardens of the Russian Museum.

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