On May 27, at 35 Svetlanovsky Prospekt, in front of the building of the Center for Social Rehabilitation of the Disabled, a solemn ceremony of planting young oak trees took place. Not simple trees were planted that day, but hereditary honorable seedlings from an oak planted more than 300 years ago in the Summer Garden by Emperor Peter the Great himself, the founder of St. Petersburg.

Therefore, the event was timed to the City Day and took place within the framework of our Center’s participation in the program of the State Russian Museum “All-Russian oak grove of Emperor Peter the Great”.

The idea of ​​this museum program is that all the acorns from the Patriarch’s oak that fell in the Summer Garden were carefully collected, germinated and planted throughout Russia, forming a symbolic oak grove.
In 2019, the Russian Museum, one of the main museums in our city, invited our Center to become a member of the All-Russian Oak Forest of Emperor Peter the Great program, which became a logical continuation of the successful cooperation of the two institutions for a long time.

Since 2014, disabled people of working age of the SRO ITV department regularly attend art therapy classes, art history lectures, excursions organized by the Russian Museum, and also actively participate in creative competitions held by the museum.

In addition to the provision of social services, the department is actively working to improve the general level of culture, broaden the horizons, as well as to involve disabled people in their feasible participation in the improvement of their area.

Therefore, it was no coincidence that the young trees were planted next to the premises of the Center on Svetlanovsky Prospekt.

More than thirty social service recipients took part in tree planting. Good weather, high spirits, as well as the opportunity to personally plant a tree, turned this event into a real holiday.

An accompanying numbered certificate was issued for each seedling, which was solemnly presented by the employees of the Russian Museum to a representative of the Center administration after the planting was completed.