# BAR2021 arrived on the island of Konevets yesterday.

A warm welcome awaited us at the Konevsky Nativity of the Theotokos Monastery. And not only the abbot, Archimandrite Alexander, but also Vladyka Ignatius, and “other officials”. Who turned out to be as pleasant and easy to communicate as almost all the priests we met earlier.

A hole for the seedling was dug, a prayer service in honor of the icon of Fyodor Ushakov was organized.

Of course, the sapling of “that very oak” is now part of the Konevets Island and the oak alley of the monastery and the Great Arctic Regatta.

Our colleagues from the Committee for Culture and Tourism of the Leningrad Region took an active part in planting the seedling, with the financial support of which the BAR stage in the Leningrad Region is taking place.