Engineering Square, located in front of the Mikhailovsky Castle, is part of the complex of gardens of the Russian Museum.

In the photograph of the 60s of the XIX century, in front of the monument to Peter I, there was a large cobbled parade ground. There are no trees, shrubs, lawns and flower beds.

The green decoration of the center of Engineering Square appears gradually. In the late 1880s, an avenue of horse chestnuts was planted and lawns were laid. At the beginning of the 20th century, clumps of bushes were planted behind the alleys.

The flower beds in front of the monument were created during the reconstruction of Maple Street in 1948-1950. Over time, the area of ​​flower decoration decreased. Currently, there are two flower beds left at the beginning and end of the rectangular lawn. Once a flower garden occupied this entire lawn, but this is a completely different story, which we will tell later.

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