In landscape architecture, the term “fountain” refers to a man-made structure consisting of a reservoir and one or many pipes from which water flows under pressure. The word “fountain” comes from the Latin “fontana”, that is, “source”, “spring”.

The word “fountain” was first encountered in Russian texts at the end of the 17th century. True, then this word was feminine, for example: “made by the fountain” wrote in his book “Travels” P.A. Tolstoy. In the first third of the 18th century, under the influence of the words “water cannon” and “source”, the word “fountain” passed into the masculine gender. And now we write: “the fountain is beating”, “the fountain is built”.

The first fountain in the Summer Garden was built in 1705 by master Ivan Matveev (Ugryumov). In the following years, the number of fountains in the garden grew regularly. During the reign of Anna Ioannovna, 56 water-jet constructions worked in the Summer Garden. These are fountains, cascades and a water organ in the grotto.

Currently, eight fountains have been recreated in the Summer Garden.
From May 1, you can see the fountains of the garden with your own eyes. See you.

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