The Summer Garden is closed on Tuesday. In addition, walking in the pre-winter gardens of the Russian Museum is not very comfortable: there is no snow, there are icy paths, and green lawns look unusual.

We invite you to travel back to the second half of the 19th century. Carefully examine the drawing “Monument to IA Krylov in the Summer Garden”, which was painted in 1855. The author of the drawing is Bogdan Greim.

There is no fence around the monument yet. It appeared in the 1860s to protect the monument from visitors. Children frolic in front of the monument, as usual. If you look closely at the background, you can see a wooden picket fence and trellises made of trees that fenced the lawns of the Summer Garden from the walking public.

A little later, English engravings William Floyd made an engraving from a drawing by Bogdan Graham. This helped spread the image to more people. And many got acquainted with the image of the monument to I.A. Krylov based on these engravings.

Enjoy your walks, both real and virtual, through the gardens of the Russian Museum.

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