There is almost a hundred years difference between the two photographs of the Karpiev Pond in the Summer Garden.

1922 is the second year of the New Economic Policy of Soviet Russia. In Petrograd, life is slowly beginning to improve. The summer garden, which at that moment is being looked after by the city’s garden and park economy, is being put in order. In the photo you can see the repaired gazebo, on the slope of the pond, flower beds, resting on the benches of the townspeople. But if you pay attention to the pond, you can see that in some places it is overgrown with arrowheads. On the stage of the Summer Garden, the city symphony orchestra is playing, led by conductors S.A. Samosud and V.I.Suk. The restaurant has reopened in the Tea House. The townspeople enjoy summer and the peace that has come.

This year, the Summer Garden was closed to visitors for most of the summer, so hurry up to visit the Summer Garden on the last days of summer. And for those who are far away, we continue our publications that will help you at least virtually immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Summer Garden.

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