Four three-year-old seedlings grown from acorns of the Petrovsky oak, according to legend, planted in the territory of the Summer Garden in St. Petersburg personally by Peter the Great in 1708, replenished the All-Russian program.

On the Day of Celebration of the State Flag of the Russian Federation in Vyborg, Governor of the Leningrad Region Alexander Drozdenko, Chief Curator of the Gardens of the Russian Museum Alexander Alekseev, as well as participants in the international volunteer camp under the program “Volunteers of Culture” planted oak trees on the alley adjacent to the monument to the first Russian Emperor.

“Each state has three symbols – the coat of arms, the flag and the anthem. The state is strong when every citizen, every resident is proud of these symbols, knows the text of the anthem and sings it with pride. We love our country, we are proud of our country, we want to live in our country, we believe in our country. There is such a thing – the Leningrad family. This is caring for children, respect for the elderly and helping each other. Happy holiday, Happy Russian Flag Day!” the head of the region congratulated the guests of the holiday.

Now residents and guests of Vyborg will be able to admire seedlings numbered No. 351 and No. 352, two more with subsequent serial numbers were planted by Roman Markov, First Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Leningrad Region, Chairman of the Finance Committee.