We all love looking at family photos. Black and white, faded, shabby, yellowed from time to time pictures always attract attention.

They make you want to look at the details, read the inscriptions, study the clothes of past years, peer into the faces of people, compare the places where this or that picture was taken.

There is a story behind every frame. The story of a day, a life, an era, or maybe a whole generation. For most families, these pictures are the most valuable thing you can get from your ancestors.

Photos of our subscriber Natalya Pribytok were taken in the post-war Summer Garden, in the image her grandfather is walking. Approximately 1946 in the picture. The country has not yet come to its senses after a long and exhausting war, the blockade of Leningrad. But life is slowly getting better.

If your family archives contain photographs taken in the gardens of the Russian Museum, we will be happy to post them on our social networks and on the website igardens.ru