In the Summer Garden, a sculpture was opened after hibernation, and we are launching a new column #SCULPTURE_IN_GARDEN in which we will briefly tell you about the sculpture of the Summer Garden

Copy from the original by G. and P. Gropelli. Early 18th century

Images of the god Apollo, accompanied by muses, are a symbol of the emergence of a secular beginning in the Russian culture of the time of Peter the Great, a symbol of the flourishing of the arts in Russia.

Companions of Apollo (muses) personified the creative principle in man. These are the inspirers of artists, poets, artists. Each muse patronized a certain type of art and was depicted with the appropriate attributes.

Euterpe is the muse of lyric poetry, the patroness of playing the flute, which she herself invented. She was portrayed as a slender woman with a flute in her hand.