Despite the fact that the sculpture in the Summer Garden is closed for the winter, we will tell you about some examples of legend and history.

Today about the sculpture:
(Nystadt world). P. Baratta
1725 year

The monumental group “Peace and Victory”, made by special order, was brought to St. Petersburg and installed in the Summer Garden in 1726, after the death of Peter I.

The group is an allegory of the Nystadt Peace, which confirmed the military successes of Russia in the fight against Sweden during the Northern War of 1700-1721.

Installed in front of the northern facade of one of the palaces of Peter I. In the center is the figure of a young woman, in her left hand is a cornucopia, and in her right hand is an overturned torch. This woman symbolizes Russia, and the overturned torch with which she burns military attributes is the end of the war. Winged Nika (the goddess of victory) holds in her hand a palm branch – a symbol of peace – and tramples on a defeated lion (a symbol of Sweden) with her foot. The lion’s paw lies on a cartouche with a Latin inscription: “Great is the one who gives and the one who receives, but the greatest is the one who can do both.”